The Laramie High School Boys Varsity and Junior Varsity teams played Central High School on
Friday, April 5.

The LHS boys varsity team finished with a tie against Central with a score of 2-2. The junior varsity team won by one goal after fighting back from a one goal deficit in the first half with a final score of 2-1.
After the game the varsity team was happy in general with their performance, however they were
upset they could not pull off the win instead of the tie.
“As a team I think we did good. Central is a talented team and we were neck and neck with them
most of the game,” senior midfielder Noah Dreiling said.
The Central boys team was the runner-up at the state tournament last year making this a good
showing for the Laramie team.
“While a tie is not a great feeling, we have improved a lot from our prior games, and we worked
well as a team so there are defiantly some positives to highlight,” Dreiling said.
The team will be heading into the next games this weekend against Sheridan and Campbell
County High School.
After a solid week of training they are hoping for a nice momentum gain with hopeful wins
against the two teams who they have beaten already this season.
“We play Sheridan and Campbell County this weekend which are both teams we have played
before and beaten so this will be a good chance to gain momentum if we have a good week of
practice,” Dreiling said.

“Personally, I want to focus on switching the point of attacks I take and taking more shots when I
get the opportunity,” Dreiling said.
Though soccer is a team sport, Dreiling wants to work on aspects of his game personally to help
the team succeed in the long-run.
The junior varsity team has a high level of energy after their most recent triumph against central
in which they won by one goal.
“The team was happy that we had a comeback in the game, we got up and we knew we weren’t
going to let them score another goal before the end of the game,” Britan Jenkins said.
The team highlighted and is happy with their defensive efforts, coming back from a deficit at half
that boosted the teams confidence going into next weeks practices and games.
“The strong points I think of the JV team are that we have a solid defense that is good at clearing
the ball and stopping their forwards,” Jenkins said.
Though the team had a good showing against Central it was not perfect.
“I think our offense needs some working on to get in the groove earlier in games because we are
very strong towards the end of games usually, but at the beginning we take a while to find our
rhythm,” Jenkins said.
The first of the games this weekend will be at Sheridan on Friday, April 12, with their second
game being at Campbell County on Saturday, April 13.