Starting tomorrow April 9 at Laramie High School, the Emergency Medical Response class is starting CPR training.

The students learn basic life support though the American Heart Association.

This CPR course is required by the state for students to certify as an emergency medical responder, but not required to pass the actual course.

Jane Ackerman is the EMR teacher and Bess Woodhouse the Laramie Middle School nurse are the instructors of the CPR course. 12 to 15 students are currently enrolled in the EMR class, and about half of the students are certifying for CPR.

Each CPR class can only have six students at a time so the instructors can make sure the students are being teacher correctly.

The following dates to certify are April 10, April 23 and April 28.

So far in the semester the students have learned a variety of different ways to help individuals in a medical emergency.

“We have gone over all of the chapters in our book, so like all different types of injuries and how to handle them. We also have learned how to handle the injuries with different ages groups like infants and older people. We learn what to do and what not to do in different situations,” senior Emily Brinegar said.

The EMR class offered at LHS helps students learn more about medical trauma emergencies.

“It is helpful to certify if you were ever in a trauma incident, you will know how to do CPR and in this class, you learn a lot of things that you may need to do in an emergency situation, like if you were babysitting,” Brinegar said.

This class is one of the most hands on class offered at LHS.

“This class is a hands-on class compared to health occupations. But it is not every day. Most days is a lecture and notes. But sometimes we have gotten to use the stethoscopes and try on the scrubs. There is also a fake person and we learn how to insert a tube in the throat. So, there is different things we have got to learn,” Brinegar said.

When not practicing how to treat medical emergencies, the class is usually a lecture and notes class.

“We test over the chapters when we go over them and we have a review and it asks us how we would handle the situation. So, we take quizzes over that, and the final will be all the quizzes we took combined,” Brinegar said.

So far in this course, the students have not learned anything about CPR.

The students learn all the information about CPR in the four-hour course held after school on certain days.

This course is helpful for any individual that wants to further themselves in the medical field.

“I recommend taking this class for anyone that is interested in learning more about the medical field. Even if you are not going to be an EMR, it is helpful to know about this kind of stuff,” Brinegar said.