On Thursday the student council blood drive will take place in the LHS commons balcony for the last time this year.

The LHS student council and Kimberly Dale work with a group called Vitalant to get blood donations from students for those in need. The next donation day will be this Thursday from midmorning to late afternoon.

Dale one of the school counselors has contact with the blood donation company Vitaliant and has them come to the school twice a school year, usually six months apart.

The goal of having Vitalant come is to get students to donate healthy blood to those in need, especially people who need transfusions in emergency situations.

“We usually try to put both blood drives about six months apart, because donors need to wait a set amount of time between donating” Dale said.

Student council is aiming for forty volunteers for the upcoming drive, hoping to double the numbers of the fall blood drive.

“We had about twenty people show up for the last drive, which isn’t bad” Sabrina Considine the student council senior vice president said.

“We usually have more students participate in the spring because more kids are 18 and can sign up without needing parent permission” said Dale

There are requirements to donate, like parent permission, height to weight ratio, diseases, health conditions etc.

Some students are skeptical about donating when organizations like Bio-life pay unlike Vitalant. The major difference Dale found was that Biolife donations are for specific surgeries and procedures where Vitalant is more likely to use donations for emergency situations.

Dale and the student council have gained a great amount of support from students and staff alike.

Even though the people from Vitalant set up on the catwalk above the commons where many students spend lunch, a grand majority are understanding.

The catwalk is a good spot for the professionals from Vitalant to work, being out of the way and being able to use elevators to bring supplies easily.

Dale and co have been working with Vitalant since the transfer to the new school three years ago, bringing in more volunteers with greater ease.

Dale was inspired by an old student body president, Lucia Cho years back to bring a blood drive to LHS after hearing about how much they can help during a presentation.

Student council work to spread the message through posters, social media, I&E Wednesday wisdoms, and mainly word of mouth.

Dale and the rest of student council plan on continuing to work with Vitalant for years to come, and hope to continuously increase donor numbers.