The Laramie High School Pop Culture club has applied to be a panel at the Denver Comic Con Convention May 31st through June 2nd.

The club sponsor of the club is history teacher Mr. Plumb. And the officer of the club is Anne Stone.

“Pop culture club is a club for kids that are into different aspects of fandoms with in pop culture, most of it revolves around movies, comic books, but technically its anything considered pop culture,” Plumb said.

Emma Boss and Ann Stone are the ones to apply for the panel at what is now called the “Denver Pop Culture Con”. They are still waiting to find out if their panel will be accepted. They may have to wait for another two weeks

“The idea of the club is to create a place for kids to share their fandoms and to be able to discover new ones from others in the club,” Plumb said.

Plumb has had lots of experience with comic con panels. “Around October November Denver Pop Culture Con will have an application that’s on their website and you fill it out saying this is what my panel is all about, and this is how it is going to be organized, and last these are the people that are going to be a part of it,” Plumb said.

The chances of the Laramie Pop culture club panel becoming a thing is very likely.

“Denver pop culture con is run by an educational nonprofit called Pop Culture Classroom most things like panels especially things focused around education or pop culture clubs at schools, that is where their main focus is,” Plumb said.

The Event will take place May 31 through June 2 from 10 am to 7 pm each day. It will take place at the Denver Convention Center down town. This will be an event to remember for our pop culture participates.

The prep for the panel involves a little bit of commitment, “For prepping a panel, it involves making sure you have the right technology in play, have your talking points ready, and last making sure everyone who said they can do it are actually going to be able to,” Plumb said.

The club is free of course and anyone is able to join and show up to meetings when they can. The meetings are weekly on Fridays at lunch.