LHS Girls Soccer

By Annie Walgren

Laramie High School Girls Soccer plays Cheyenne Central on Friday April 5th.

The LHS girls soccer team is defending their winning streak of 4-1 at a home game.

Central won State last year so many members of the team think that winning this game will be challenging.

“We have been improving every week though, and I think we can beat them if we really push ourselves.” said senior Mackenzie Armijo.

The Junior Varsity game is at 4pm and the Varsity game is at 6pm.

“So far this season we have been doing very well. People didn’t expect a lot from us before we began because we lost a lot of key players and we’re pretty much a brandnew team. But we’ve started strong this season and we’re showing people what we can do.” Armijo said.

This year the team got a new coach, Raquel Clark.

“We have a few hard games coming up. Our new coach is working very hard  

to make sure we peak at the right time. In her mind it’s fine to lose the games now as long as we win the games in regionals.” said senior Samantha Turpen.

Also regarding the Coach, Armijo said, “She is amazing and she really cares about us on and off the field. It has been a big change in coaching methods but it’s a good change. Coach makes sure we’re all one team and she brings us all together.”

This year the Varsity team is mainly composed of senior players.

“Being a senior on this team is great because we’re in a position of leadership and we are respected as players by some of the younger girls. But it’s also really hard because it’s sad to think that this is our last year.” said Armijo.

“If I had any advice for underclassmen, it would be to be persistent, and to keep working towards your goals until you get them. Nothing is just going to come to you if you don’t work for it.” said Turpen.

Every week the team designates a word of the week. Each word is meant to represent their goals, or to inspire them to work harder.

“This week our word is ‘purpose’. We want to remind ourselves why we’re

playing and to have purpose with every pass and touch.” said Armijo.

The teams’ ultimate goal is to win the State title later this season.