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The Laramie High School Snowy Range FFA veterinary science team will participate at the state convention held April 10-13 in both Laramie and Cheyenne.

The state FFA vet science team of four students, includes LHS students, Amelie Binning, Ashley Predmore, Keeley Puls and Dawson Evertson.

“I’m looking forward to going to state with my team and celebrating with what we have accomplished and then hopefully coming back and winning,” said Binning, a sophomore at LHS.

In the vet science state competition, participants will need to show understanding of both small and large animals through identification, as well as health and anatomy of animals.

“The most challenging part is definitely the test which involves a lot of different types of questions that we would have to face as a vet and it involves some math,” said Binning.

Participants need to have knowledge of medical terms, veterinary math applications and multiple clinical procedures while using them properly.

Participants are scored through a written exam, identification and handling of animals, performance of one type of clinical procedure and team activities.

Vet science members work with animals and varying breeds of those animals. They will be scored on how well they are able to handle the animals and perform certain tasks with them.

Animals used in the competition include dogs, birds, cats, horses, small mammals, reptiles, poultry, sheep, cattle, swine and goats.

Students who participated and proved good performance as well as effort throughout the year in their Career Development Event got picked to compete at the state convention, one of the biggest competitions for FFA members.

“My favorite part would have to be the practices, we have a lot of fun and we learn a lot, then we get to go and take what we applied and use it in a competition,” Binning said.

Since early in the school year, FFA members have been practicing their skills with after school learning, practices and participation in activities.

All FFA members compete in smaller competitions held throughout the year around Wyoming. The results from these competitions are the main deciding factor in who gets to compete at state convention.

The vet science team provides a path for students who may want a future in that career. They get the chance to learn many terms used and possibly meet veterinarians who may help them get them where they need to be.