The Laramie High School Musical Theatre is halfway through preparations for the upcoming musical, Pippin, which will be presented April 25-27.

Pippin is being presented by the LHS class, Musical Theatre 2 while Musical Theatre 1 will present the musical comedy, Once Upon a Mattress, at a later date. The Pippin cast has already done auditions, which took place during the second week of February and the cast list has already been posted. The theatre has also completed blocking, which is when the characters find out where to stand when they say their lines.

The key characters in the play are Pippin, which is played by Ethan Williams, the Leading Player is played by Ruby Novogrodsky, the King is played by Ryan Chamberlain, the King’s wife is played by Scarlett Chavez, and Catherine is played by Marie Andersen.

As a musical, Pippin has more dancing than previous performances. The theatre has student choreography, which is different than previous plays. The cast practices every first period of the LHS Bell schedule. The Pippin team also has evening rehearsals, which are around two hours and has saturday work days to ensure the cast will be ready.

During evening rehearsals, the cast does finishing touches to make sure the play will run smoothly. They make sure microphones, lights, and costumes are all ready for the show.

Marie Andersen, who plays Catherine, feels musicals are harder than plays due to the cardio needed for dancing numbers. Some numbers for Pippin are about 6 minutes long.

The theatre has already began finding costumes for the play. Some costumes are reused but the Musical Theatre 2 teacher, Mike Hancey, orders extra costumes if necessary. Students in the class can sew as well in case small changes are needed.

The posters for the musical are designed by the LHS Digital Photography/Photoshop class. The posters were turned in to Hancey for him and the class to handpick the best design.

Pippin is a musical written by the American dramatist and screenwriter Roger O. Hirson and dancer/theatre choreographer Bob Fosse, with music and lyrics produced by lyricist/composer Stephen Schwartz.

“It’s about this boy trying to figure out who he is and please his father,” sophomore Sarah Martin said. “The musical has dark and light humor. The play is set in a circus and Pippin lives his life through it.”