Students in Advanced PE expose themselves to new activities as they begin their floor hockey unit the week of March 4 and the much-anticipated bowling unit this Tuesday at Laramie High School.  

Advanced PE is a semester-long elective physical education (PE) class that offers a diverse amount of activities for students that really like PE, are successful at it, and want to try new activities.

“The goal of this class is to expose kids to what’s out there in their community,” Advanced PE Teacher and Swim Coach Tom Hudson said.   “There are lots of things that Laramie has to offer… and we [the teachers] want kids to be exposed to more lifetime activities that they can like and do when they’re out of high school.  At least we are exposing them to the activities that we can get them out too,” Hudson said.

Students taking the Advanced PE class can go to places like the bowling alley, the ice-skating rink, the archery range, and the rock-climbing facility at Half-Acre Gymnasium and participate in various life activities.

“It [the activities] varies year to year,” Hudson said.   “Traditionally, the activities that we have taught are bowling, backyard games, ice skating, water games, kayaking, archery, golf, etc… We try to have a big variety [of activities], depending on how many kids [students] take it [the class], and how much variety we can offer.”

The Advanced PE class has certain prerequisites for students to get into the class.

“You have to take the other PE’s, and you got to talk to the teacher, and after that, you’re good,” LHS senior Preston Klingler said.  

Currently, the students finished the ice-skating unit and have started the floor hockey unit.  

Floor hockey is a variation of hockey with plastic pucks and goals on either side of the gym, and players try to score.  Since players are not on the ice, they run instead.

Next week, the students will be going to Laramie Lanes to start their bowling unit, much to students’ excitement.

“It should be fun,” Klingler said.  “It will be my first-time bowling with the class.  I look forward to kick some butt!”

Next year, the PE curriculum is expected to go through some changes.    Students must take the new Survey of PE class, but they then can choose what PE classes they wish to take in order to satisfy the two-year PE requirement.

However, Advanced PE will still be offered next year with more faculty teaching.

“We’re planning on having three teachers [Tom Hudson, Bruce Schmidt, and Nancy Goldsmith-Perry] teach the class next year,” Hudson said.  “We will either team-teach it, or split off, so we can do more choice-based stuff. I would say around 60-70 students should be able to take that class.”

This proves to be a benefit for the students, as former students are encouraging others to take the class.

“It’s better than the normal PE classes, so if you’re debating between taking regular PE and advanced PE, take advanced PE,” Klingler said.