Members of the Snowy Range FFA chapter in Laramie High School participated in national FFA week from February 25 to March 1.

National FFA week is a week where members participate in team building activities and themed dress up days. By doing this they support and show pride in what they do for the community and within the chapter.

Last Wednesday the Snowy Range members held a lunch for staff members at Laramie High School.

“The lunch for the teachers on Wednesday was to show that we are a big supporter of our community and that we are willing to give back to other people,” said Kenadi Olaveson, a sophomore at Laramie High School.

There were also dress up theme days to show off their pride during the week.

“My favorite part of FFA week was on Wednesday when we do official dress because everyone actually understands what you are doing and you get to tell people who we are and what we are a part of,” said Olaveson.

To kick off the week, on Monday members matched with plaid shirts, Tuesday was red white and blue themed, Wednesday they wore official dress, Thursday was camouflage day, and Friday with gold theme.

“During FFA week we still had normal practices for CDE’s like the normal schedule, but we just tried to get more involved with each other in the chapter,” Olaveson said.

FFA is an available club, nationally known, which educates in agricultural science and teaches students the importance of being a leader in the community.

Throughout the year many different events are held including National FFA Convention which gives members new experiences with agriculture.

There are also separate activities called career development events (CDE). These prepare members for possible opportunities to learn more and go deeper into their specific interests.

CDE’s which members can choose from are welding, auto mechanics, equine studies, cattle judging, poultry judging, parliamentary procedure and many more.

In CDE’s, members of FFA go to many different contests to compete with other chapters throughout the state of Wyoming.

Last Thursday and Monday the auto and mechanics participants practiced and took multiple individual and team tests throughout the day.

These tests were on topics about how to operate machines and how it may come to use in an agricultural way. The test included many math problems to solve with the team.

Max DeYoung, Craig Jackson, Morgan Vanwinkle, Wyatt Johnson and multiple others participated in this.

Other CDE competitions such as cattle judging and poultry judging, participants place the animals in terms of how well the meat on the animal may be through appearance.

Olaveson participates in parliamentary procedure which is a CDE where members learn how to run meetings and carry through with it at the meetings held every second Tuesday of the month.

She spends many practice hours with the team throughout the week during lunch and after school working hard to perfect her skills in this CDE.