The Japanese and Pop Culture club at Laramie High School provides opportunities both in and out of school for students to discuss and participate in activities related to pop culture in a welcoming and inclusive environment.

During their meetings, students participate in activities such as watching anime and chatting about their interests in pop culture.  Currently the club is watching season one of “Avatar: The Last Airbender.”

In the upcoming months, the club will hold and participate in activities beyond their regular meetings.

“We [will] have a night where Mr. Plumb teaches us the correct mannerisms of how you eat in Japan and whatnot,” said Emma Boss, a sophomore in her second year of being a club member.

Club members would also like to invite other people such as parents and friends of club members to this event so that more people can see what sort of things the club does.

Three members of the club will attend the Denver Pop Culture Con.  The 2019 convention will be held from May 31 to June 2 in Denver, Colo.

“This year we are planning to do a representation of LGB in pop culture and we are doing a panel on that that we are hoping to present,” said Anne Stone, the current club president.

Many club members enjoy hosting the annual Japanese Festival at LHS, which is usually held at the beginning of the school year.  The festival includes music, movies and activities representing different aspects of Japanese culture.

“[My favorite part is] probably the Japanese Festival, when we have the taiko drumming because we get to participate with the really big drums and have the whole theater,” said Stone.  “It’s great.”

One of the things that students enjoy about the club beyond the activities is the inclusive environment that exists in the club.  Students are able to discuss things they enjoy with others who have similar interests.

“I just like being able to talk about fandom-y stuff and I like the feeling of acceptance that I get when I’m in this club,” said Boss.  “Previously people have given me really weird looks when I started talking about stuff and I don’t feel this way [in the club].”

Throughout the year the club focuses on different themes for their meetings so that each person can participate in something that they are passionate about.  This year some of the topics have been Harry Potter, board games, video games and Stan Lee remembrance.

“We just try to include a little bit of everything, so everyone feels included,” said Boss.

The club holds weekly meetings on Fridays during lunch in William Plumb’s classroom.  Plumb is a social studies teacher at LHS and sponsors the club.

Any student is welcome to attend meetings and participate in the club activities.  There is no sign up required and students may show up whenever is convenient for them and come for as many meetings as they would like.