The Laramie Plainsmen lost both their games at the 4A Wyoming regionals tournament at Cheyenne East and their chance of going to the state tournament was diminished.

“Defensively we didn’t play great, we allowed too many of their better players to shoot open shots,” Conner Killpack a junior for the Plainsmen said.

In the first game they were defeated by Thunder Basin.

“We game-planned for Thunder Basin, and got beat,” Killpack said.  

The second game they were defeated by Natrona in double overtime. It was a nail biter but the Plainsmen could not quite get it done to send them to another game.

“Against Natrona we played decent, we played really well defensively. We had something to prove because we lost to them the time before, so we went out and played our hardest, but we just lost on a last second shot in double overtime. There wasn’t much we could do about it,” Killpack said.

The Plainsmen did not know what team they would be playing in the second game until the loss against Thunder Basin.

“We didn’t have much time to prepare for Natrona, so we just practiced at East the day of the game,” Killpack said.

The Plainsmen were defeated by Natrona with a bank three-pointer in the last seconds of double overtime.

The finish of the season was not quite the way the players would have hoped for, but there were many things they could take from this season.

“Everyone was pretty disappointed, the seniors were extremely sad because it was their last game, but it made the rest of us hungry to come back next year and prove what we knew we could’ve been this year,” Killpack said.

The end of the season is difficult for most players, to go out and practice every day and for it to come to an end, and not the ending that was desired by the team.

“It’s hard knowing that we will never have this same team and knowing that we will have to step up next year and fill big shoes, but it is just part of playing sports in high school,” Killpack said.

Now the players that will be returning next year have to put in the work to prepare themselves for next season.

“We all have to hit the weight room and put in the time that it takes to get better as a team, we have to practice together and play together, and practice individually to better ourselves,” Killpack said.

Throughout the season there were positive things for the team.

“The team got closer together, we became more of a family, now we just need to play the game knowing we can win rather than going into a game without confidence,” Killpack said.

Learning took place the entire season.

“One of the biggest things I learned is that we need to stick together as a team no matter what, and never give up,” Killpack said.