Girls indoor track

By: Kendra Nottage

Laramie high school girls won indoor state track and continue to work hard every day.

State for any sport is always fun.

“I liked standing on the podium and taking a photo while everyone is proud,” junior Katy Kozlowski said.

It is always fun just to have the support.

“Wining state was probably my favorite part of indoor track,” junior Hannah Brin said.

In all sports you always have some downfalls.

“I am happy overall with our team, but I pulled my hamstring in the finals for triple jump, and I did not get to compete in hurtles and I did not get to compete in finals for triple so I wish I would have placed higher,” Brin said.

It is hard to get through the injuries sports cause because all the athletes want to do is participate.

With injuries, athletes must take time to heal.

“I think it will get me to be stronger because I am going to have to go to physical therapy,” Brin said.

Brin will be going to physical therapy to heal her hamstring.

Track is a hard sport and the athletes must train hard every day.

“My least favorite part about track is probably waking up at five every morning to get ready for practice,” Brin said. It is hard to wake up in the mornings.

“It is hard for a lot of people like me. I set like six alarms to get up in the mornings for practice,” Kozlowski said.

The team has a great group of coaches.


“Track is a very fun environment like all the coaches are very supportive and very helpful with everything, like everyone has that one coach that they absolutely hate but there’s not one on the track team,” Brin said.


The track team has a good positive environment.

There are many different events you can run in track.

“I run the fifty-five-meter hurdles, triple jump, long jump and sometimes I am on the four by two,” Brin said.

Brin runs four of the many events you can choose from.

During the meets the team must stay in hotels due to distance.

“Every year we bring video games or like card games or something and we play them every night we all get into one room and we just play video games or card games together as a team,” Brin said.

It is nice to be a part of something so fun.

Looking forward to next season.

“We are not really losing very many people we will be losing two seniors who are big scorers, but I think our team should be strong enough to win again next year,” Brin said.

It takes hard work and dedication to become a strong team.

For people who want to join or are thinking about joining. “I think the track team is the most supportive and fun team in Laramie high school,” Brin said.

The track team seems to be a nice team to be a part of.