The 2019 Laramie High School yearbook is almost complete and estimated to be done within the next two weeks. This year’s Yearbook class believes they have what it takes to make it one of the best yearbooks in LHS history.

Khamis Mohamed is one of the members in the class, which is taught by English teacher Patty Smith. “On a normal day in class I usually take and upload pictures, write captions, and write stories about what’s going on around the school and sports that students are competing in,” Mohamed said.

Yearbook includes many different responsibilities and challenges that might not be obvious from an outside view. “Every so often we have to choose topics or tasks that need to be completed and sometimes there is just a long awkward silence for topics that no one wants to do so sometimes people end up doing even more tasks on top of the three or four we already committed to,” Mohamed said. With their sights set on number one, Mohamed believes they have all that it takes to make this year’s yearbook one of the best that LHS has ever had.

With high prospects for how the yearbook will be received by the school and compared to past yearbooks, Mohamed has some strategies and ideas to integrate into the yearbook.

“It’s going to be much more fun, usually yearbooks are just so boring. It’s so easy to just have a picture and a caption with barely any background, so this year I’m trying to just make it more hype and exciting,” Mohamed said.

With his sights aimed high for the yearbook this year, Mohamed hopes to also sell many more yearbooks than in years past.

Mohamed hopes that with all of the improvements he and  the Yearbook class have made along with the promotion of it, they will sell many more copies than they did last year. “I’ve definitely been sponsoring this yearbook pretty heavily. Last year we sold about 350 yearbooks, and this year we’ve already sold about 370 copies and we’re trying to get that number up to around 500,” Mohamed said.

Along with the workload and amount of stress that goes along with taking the Yearbook class, so does great achievement. “The yearbook should be finished on March 18. It should be ready to be sold that day as well, but anyone can pre-order it now if they want to,” said Mohamed.