Members from the Laramie Dance Center will be performing Hades and
Persephone on April 5-6 at Laramie High School.
The story line of this ballet originates from a Greek myth of a young girl
named Persephone, the daughter of Demeter who is the Goddess of nature.
Hades, the God of the Underworld, fell in love with Persephone and wanted
her for his wife.
Hades kidnapped Persephone and the rest of the tale is the battle of
Persephone’s’ desire to go home and Hade’s desire to keep her in the
Underworld with him.
Autumn Hime and Emma Baas, students at Laramie High School, will be
participating in the ballet. Hime is cast as Hades and Baas plays multiple
roles including, a flower nymph, one of the heads from the three headed
dog Cerberus, and she also is a soloist for the river of Lethe, or the river of
The director of the ballet, Jordyn Brummond, had tryouts to fill all the

“You go to tryouts and she has different variations of certain parts of the
ballet she wants to see you in and then she records you and she decides if
you would look best in this part, and then you get cast,” Hime said.
An excitement runs deep in the performers for unique aspects of this ballet.
“I really love Greek mythology, I love how our choreographer has taken that aspect of combining dance and the Greek literature together, and it’s not
strictly classic ballet, we’ve got some contemporary work in there too, it’s so cool,” Baas said.
Not only are the performers excited for the mix of contemporary
choreography into classical ballet, but the overall excitement and friendships
made, make the long hours of rehearsals worth it.
“I have a really good partner whose Persephone and just the dynamic of all the people in the ballet is really cool and we are really close to each other, so it’s pretty fun,” Hime said.
From a very young age, a love of dancing has been instilled in the lives of
these students.
“When I was a little younger, kindergarten [age], my mom and dad bought
me this interactive dance TV thing, and it had these mice and stuff and [it] helped you through first position, second position and I have been dancing
since then,” Baas said.
The dedication and love for dance manifests itself through the many years
that these students have stuck with this program.
“I have been dancing since I was three, so that’s thirteen years, and I was
interested just because I used to dance a lot at home when my mom would
put music on,” Hime said.