On Monday Feb. 25 the individual dual sports class at Laramie High School started a new group of swimming.

The Individual and Dual Sports class, taught by Nancy Gold-Smith-Perry, teaches different units throughout the semester including swimming.

The swimming units are usually about three to four weeks long.

There are four different levels of swimming, four being advanced and one is beginner.

On non block days, they swim for 20 minutes and on block days students swim for more than an hour.

The class consists of conditioning and practicing new skills in the pool.

“We go into class and Gold Smith-Perry takes attendance and we then split into our different groups and Tom Hudson takes us to the pool and tells us what we are doing for the day,” Junior Harley Wick said.

To determine what group you are in, you have to complete a swim test.

The swim test consists of floating on your stomach for ten seconds and floating on your back for 10 seconds and then you swim half of the 25 meters to the end of the pool.

Hudson then announces what group you belong in.

Each group has about ten kids so the teacher can carefully watch and help each individual student improve his swimming skills.

“Every day we learn something new. On block days we play water games like basketball, we free swim or we have the choice to go on the diving boards,” Wick said.

Individual sports gives every student the opportunity to learn how to do different individual sports

“Hudson does a great job of making sure we all feel comfortable around the water and have the proper techniques to make us enjoy and feel comfortable swimming. This has helped all of us become more comfortable and be able to enjoy the opportunity our school has given us to use the nice swimming facilities,” Wick said.

Each student gets the opportunity to learn how to swim or to learn new swim techniques.

In this class students get to learn how to do backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly in addition to learning how to keep their head underwater.

“My favorite thing I have learned so far in this unit is backstroke because we do not have to put our head under the water which what I struggle with.  I also like how I get to work all my muscles in an easy low impact way,” Wick said.