Laramie High School Wrestlers competed at the state competition on Feb 22-23.

The state competition was held at the Casper Events Center where the top wrestlers from around the state met.

The Laramie team brought back some experience to the state tournament with 2 state placers and many other individuals who had a good year.

“14 going to state, we’ve had some good performances from Isaac Sell, he placed at the Rapid City Tournament which is about 50 of the top teams in South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, and there’s a couple teams from Colorado as well,” Head Coach Stuart Brinkman.

Defending State Champion Zech Aguilar did not get the result he was looking for the past weekend.

He lost in his first match eliminating him from title contention, he then went on to go undefeated for the rest of the competition and finished the weekend off placing third in his weight category.
Earlier this year Aguilar made finals at the Ron Thon which is a statewide meet, Aguilar also placed second at their Regionals tournament.

Aguilar helped lead the wrestling team this season with his strong performances.

He also helped to teach the underclassmen how to lead and create a stronger bond on the team.

“Isaac Sell is probably our next one, he placed at state as a freshman and he has been a leader throughout the year as well,” Brinkman said.

The team didn’t have a great showing, they had many individuals have good performances, but they missed placing top three as a team.

However, this is how the team usually does, their last team state championship title was 1999 and even though Aguilar won the state competition last year the team still didn’t break into the top three.

“We look more at individual [performances] because we are not really competing with the top four teams for a placement, we are looking more individually,” Brinkman said.

The wrestling team usually tends to focus on the individual’s performances and giving each athlete the best chance of winning.

“That’s the good thing about wrestling is its more of an individual sport in that if you take care of yourself it’s going to take care of the team,” Brinkman said.

The team main goals for next year is to get more of a strength in numbers, hopefully getting about 40 kids, hitting more of the offseason training and getting kids more experience.

“We want to try to get more kids out, we are trying to get about 40-50 kids out, also doing more in the post-season, so going to more camps in the summertime, also wrestling more matches and just giving those inexperienced wrestlers more mat time,” Brinkman said.

The wrestling team will be losing Aguiar and other seniors at the end of this year, but the team has good talent coming up with wrestlers like Calvin Webb and Isaac Sell.

These future team leaders will be trying to recruit and teach younger wrestlers how to stick with the sport in hopes of a strong team next year.