The Laramie High School DECA club is preparing for the national competition which will take place from April 27 to April 30.

14 LHS students are preparing to compete at the national DECA competition in Orlando, Fla.

Members can practice in groups or independently depending on what events they are competing in, but the LHS DECA members mostly prepare independently.

“[In order to prepare for competitions] I usually review the different performance indicators for my event and then study the vocabulary,” junior Jessica Liu said.

Liu is preparing independently because she is not competing in any group events at the national’s competition.

“I want to make it to finals but my main goal is to have fun and meet new people,” Liu said.

Other than the competition, the DECA team will also be going to Disney World, Universal Studios and get to see various parts of Orlando.

A DECA competition consists of two parts, a test and a role play with multiple events going on at the same time.

“The test has 100 multiple choice questions and each cluster takes the same test…and then for the role plays, we are given scenarios with performance indicators and we get ten minutes of preparation time before we present to the judges. The team events get 30 minutes of preparation time [before presenting to the judges],” Liu said.

DECA is separated into four different sectors with marketing, hospitality and tourism, business management and administration and finance.

Members compete in different events within the sectors.

“For state I competed in accounting applications and finance team decision making, but for nationals I am only competing in accounting applications,” Liu said.

Liu placed first in accounting applications and third in finance team decision making at this year’s state competition.

“State went quite will for a good portion of our team and I think a few people have a good chance at nationals. Ben Taboga was a finalist last year…and I think he has a good chance to do well at nationals this year,” senior Noah Dreiling said.

Liu also attended last year’s national DECA competition which was hosted in Atlanta, Ga.

“We competed for two days, three days for people who made finals, and then we also did really fun stuff like go to Six Flags, the Georgia aquarium and a concert,” Lui Said.

“This year I think we have a great group of people going so the trip should be a special one,” Dreiling said.

Julie Masters oversees the LHS DECA team.

“I joined [DECA] because I took one of [Masters] classes and she was promoting it and it sounded intriguing to me since I really enjoy business,” Liu said.

Members of DECA like participating in it because it helps them to prepare for the professional world.

“Through DECA, I have significantly improved my problem-solving skills, public speaking skills and communication skills. It has also given me the opportunity to meet amazing people, travel to new places and push myself out of my comfort zone,” Liu said.