The Laramie Plainsmen Basketball team took a 63-47 victory against Cheyenne South two weeks ago during Senior Night. On Friday, Feb. 22 the Laramie High School team played against Cheyenne South for the Senior Night basketball game. All the players find joy in the victory.

“It’s a great feeling to go out with a victory like that, I wouldn’t ask for anything else,” said senior and captain # 11 Brady Epler.

“I feel really good, South isn’t necessarily one of the really good teams that we have to play but we needed the victory,” said senior and captain #12 Will Tyser.

In order to obtain this victory the team trained and practiced on working together and sharing the ball.

“Playing team basketball, moving the ball and unselfishness. All week we practiced unselfishness, that was our main point, moving the ball and getting everyone involved.” said senior #33 Hudda Herrera.

“Everybody was so excited to be there as a team for the final home game,” said senior #14 Shane Forry.

With all involved feeling that the win was thanks to teamwork and playing together, the Plainsmen move forward with pride.

“Playing unselfish, playing together, not trying to do too much and just letting the game come to you. When we do that we’re pretty special,” said Epler.

“We just played for the guy next to us and shared the ball, and everything else just took care of itself,” said Tyser.

Even with the win the plainsmen basketball team is focused on moving forward to regionals.

“South was on our schedule during senior Night for a reason, so we have to play hard for the better teams” said Forry.

With moving forward the team was focused on what was going to happen with regionals coming up and what they would have to face when they got there.

“We needed this win so that we got the team we wanted for regionals so it was a very important” said Tyser

With the victory the team was feeling good and with the result felt that it was a good game overall.

“It was a great game, we played together, we weren’t selfish and we played for the LHS name,” said Epler

“It was a lot of fun, I’d rather just play basketball and I’ve played with those guys for a long time and being around them is just fun in general,” said Tyser.

“The game is really good. We came together as a team in the last part of the season which is really good, especially going into tournament play,” said Forry

For some the win was bitter sweet. Though they won their home game they faced personal challenges with the season ending.

“It was a good game, we played the way we wanted to play, but it was kind of tough having it be my last home game. My high school career went by so fast.” said Herrera.