Musical Theater Two class prepares for new spring show “Pippin” which
will be showcased in April.
“Pippin” is a musical which follows the main character, Pippin, through his
journey about finding himself. The play is set up to allow Pippin to be a
free-thinking individual while the rest of the cast members are part of a
The play will be showcased by the Musical Theater Two class at Laramie
High School April 25-27. Auditions for parts were held during the second
week of February.
Pippin will be played by freshman Ethan Williams.
The Musical Theater 2 class practices for the play every first period of the
school day. Two to three weeks before the play is presented to the public,
the class will start having evening rehearsals everyday which will last for
about two hours.
During these evening rehearsals, finishing touches/additions will be
introduced, such as microphones, lighting and costumes.
It is an older play but has been recently revived on Broadway to become
more relevant/modern. “Pippin” is a two act show and will last about 1 ½ to
2 hours.
“It [the show] is very different from what we usually do. It’s not very
cookie-cutter. It’s not a very happy and joyful kind of show,” Ensemble Team Captain, Carter Sell, said. “It is a pretty intense and serious show about trying to find who you are as a person.”
This show is very different from what the class has previously done. It
contains some adult themes and is challenging to perform, Sell explained.
The story begins with Pippin attending a circus. He is part of the audience
and is taken onto the stage to be a part of the show.

Pippin is a prince and spends part of the show struggling with the fact that
he will be a king in the future. He has many quarrels with his father, King
Charlemagne, and they continually argue back and forth.
King Charlemagne will be played by junior Ryan Chamberlain.
King Charlemagne wishes for Pippin to continue his education, but Pippin
wants to fight in the war that is currently taking place.
Pippin goes to war and realizes that it does not suit him and returns home.
Pippin then kills his father to end his tyrannical reign and becomes King.
After this, Pippin realizes that he does not know how to lead a country and
his father comes back to life to aid him.
Pippin flees the country, joins his grandmother who then tries to help him
find himself, and meets a widow.
Throughout the play, Pippin deals with his conscience, Leading Player, who
attempts to get Pippin to do terrible things (such as killing his father) and
to live life loosely.
Leading Player will be played by junior Ruby Novogrodsky.
Pippin sings three songs throughout the show that help express who he is
and wants to be.
“We want to bring the best show that we can to an audience and something that they don’t see often,” Sell said.