The Laramie High School Yearbook Committee is finalizing last-minute
details of the 2018-2019 edition of the Plainsmen yearbook.
The final copy of the yearbook is due in March.
Yearbook is a year-long class that students at Laramie High School have the
option of taking as one of their English credits.
Yearbooks are a little souvenir that students can purchase every school year
to help them remember their grade school days.
This year’s yearbook theme is “etched in gold.”
“We wanted to use a school color. It looks classic and very Plainsmen,”
Yearbook adviser, Patricia Smith, said.
This is Smith’s second year as yearbook adviser at Laramie High School.
“I feel really honored to be a part of capturing our history for the year,”
Smith said.
The committee works with Jostens will provide online tutorials and have
experts that students can call if they have any questions.
Last year’s committee started working on this year’s yearbook last spring
after they submitted the 2017-2018 edition.

This year’s committee took over when school started in August and have
been working on it ever since.
Students start by taking pictures of everything that happens within LHS
from athletic events to musicals and concerts.
“Our process is really to document the history of our year, and as many
students and events that we can cover,” Smith said.
LHS currently offers more sports, clubs and activities than any other school
in the state.
“It’s a lot of organizing your time and knowing what’s happening in the
school, because the last thing we want to do is overlook an event,” Smith
The photos are submitted along with interviews and written summaries
into an online program, where students can edit and begin designing the
actual pages of the book.
After publishing, students then create the supplement.
“The supplement is for things like prom, that happen after everything has
already been submitted, but then we can still include it in that year’s book,”
Smith said.

The supplement comes as a magazine with an adhesive binding that is then
individually attached to the inside cover of the book by the yearbook
The actual books and supplements aren’t supposed to be delivered to the
school until May 15.
“It [the class] is so creative. It’s been really exciting to see the students work
outside of their network,” Smith said.
Yearbooks are predicted to be available to students in May before students
get released for summer break.
“I hope that they will look through their yearbook and say, ‘I remember
when that happened,’ ‘That was fun’ and ‘Oh, wow, look at that picture.’ I
hope that it’s an exciting memory for them [the students] to always have,”
Smith said.
As soon as this year’s book is completed, the yearbook staff will begin to
brainstorm different ideas for next year’s book.
“I’m excited to make sure that we finalize this year’s book, and go into next
year with even more ideas,” Smith said.