LHS Pep Band

By Annie Walgren

The Laramie High School pep band students played for the varsity basketball game on Friday, Feb. 22.

The pep band played during the end of the varsity girls’ basketball game and the first half of the varsity boys’ game.

The pep band plays a vital role of building and maintaining energy and support during sports games for our teams.

This was the last pep performance this season for seniors in the band. To celebrate, the band painted up and the seniors took pictures afterwards.

Senior, Bradley Walgren has been playing with the pep band for all of his years in high school.

“My favorite part of performing with the pep band is being a part of the amazing enthusiasm that we have. It feels bittersweet with that being our last game as seniors though, I just hope future years keep up the energy of the band and keep improving,” Walgren said.

Being a part of pep band and playing during LHS football and basketball teams is mandatory for all band students.

The pep band plays during football and basketball games throughout the year.

They tend to play recognizable songs in the classic rock genre. Some songs that they play are Hit the Road Jack, We are the Champions, and Brick House.

“My favorite song would probably be Hey Baby. The band just sings along to the low brass section playing, which is fun,” senior, Helena Bryant said.

Along with playing songs, the pep band have cadences that the audience can participate in. They also have Laramie plainsmen cheers and chants to perform with each score.

Some popular cadences include, “Boom Boom” which the band plays and chants while leaning forwards and backwards, creating an interesting look in the audience. There is also “Nacho Taco Ole” and “Peanut Butter Jelly Time.”

“Being a senior is a little sad, but it’s also fun to see all of these talented underclassmen join the band and really enjoy it,” said Bryant.

The band has grown greatly since they first joined the band, according to the seniors.

“We’ve improved since I was a freshman by gaining more members into the band and we play much better together, the percussion section is also doing well with a specialized class this year,” Walgren said.

Chris Olson conducted along with the drum majors, Walgren and James Peden. The drum captain, Tony Trent directed the percussion section during cadences.

“I would tell incoming freshman to not be too intimidated by the upperclassmen, we don’t bite,” Bryant said.

Also, regarding students who are thinking of, or will join the band next year,

“My advice would be to have fun, enjoy yourselves, and march to the beat of your own drum *ba dum tss*,” said Walgren.

The band courses offered at LHS are Symphonic Band, Concert Band, Jam Band, Jazz band, and percussion ensemble. Some courses require auditions to enter.

Although it was the last pep performance, the band still has more concerts to look forward to this year.