Laramie High School’s DECA President and other DECA members competed at 2019 DECA state career development conference in Cheyenne on Feb. 4-5.

“DECA is an organization based around developing future leaders in the fields of marketing, hospitality, finance, management, and entrepreneurship,” Said Ben Taboga DECA president

The Deca Program is led by Julie Masters the LHS Chapter Advisor.

It puts students in a real-world situation where they have to use life and business skills in a competitive and immersive environment competing with his teammates against other schools in specific categories that replicate situations in the real world.

A lot of students join DECA so they can have some idea of business, if they are looking into colleges for business or becoming entrepreneurs in the future.

In the role play section the future leaders to solve problems as they might face if they were a problem solver for in a business or financial setting.

The competitions involve role play in which you have 10 minutes to prepare and come up with a solution to solve and help a problem dealing with a curtain problem in the real world.

It also has a gradable test system where they are scored based on their performance on a set test and how they solve the questions and problems that they are given about currant categories.

The state conference was in Cheyenne at the Red lion Hotel.

In the DECA state conference the LHS DECA team were successful in qualifying in most of their chapters to go to the national conference.

In the state conference you take a test for specific categories and then role play the specific situation and it requires fast thinking and consistency for them to get a good score and qualify for nationals.

There were 11 schools that made it to the DECA state competition and LHS was one of them because of their performance in earlier competitions in the 2018 to 2019 DECA school year.

Taboga’s job as the DECA president is to make sure that DECA officers and members are working hard in their chapters and coming up with good ideas and solutions to win in the conference in their specific chapters.

Ben joined his sophomore year because his older friends that have been in DECA since the beginning of their high school careers persuaded him to join and only after 2 years is now as a senior and is the 2018-2019 LHS Deca President.

“I essentially got lucky because I didn’t really know what it was and learned that I loved it,” Said Taboga.

Taboga is hoping that he will lead his team into winning the national conference with some chapters and hopefully going the next step with internationals representing the LHS DECA team and if he doesn’t succeed, he is happy with the performance that the DECA team game in the state competition and is calling it a great year for DECA in the end.