A Laramie High School student is awarded an all-expense paid trip to Peru in the summer of 2019.

LHS Junior Sam Miller, student president of Spanish Honor Society (SHS), will be traveling to Lima, Cusco, The Sacred Valley of Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca and other sites.

Miller will be engaging in cultural experiences, speaking Spanish and traveling around Peru, learning many things he has yet to learn.

“I really want to learn more about Peru’s culture and their history,” Miller said. “The history of the Americas is very unique, and we often don’t spend enough time on it in school.”

One of Miller’s many passions is Latin American History.

Miller got this trip by being a part of SHS, submitting an essay he had written about a historical or cultural point in Peru that he will be researching while he is there, an application, resume, transcripts and letters of recommendation.  His application also included a conversation in Spanish. He also had to agree to a full contract in Spanish. Miller and Diane Chamberlain, LHS’ chapter president of SHS, had to do a somewhat spontaneous video interview about his passion for Spanish and how he plans to carry that into his future.

A family friend of Miller’s as well as Chamberlain wrote him letters of recommendation to help him earn the opportunity to go on this trip.

Last year, Miller traveled with Chamberlain to Spain on a three-week program, adding to his list of Spanish speaking countries he has travelled to. Miller also travels a lot with his family, expanding his cultural horizon.

Miller has been a part of SHS for three and a half years, entering Spanish 4 as a Freshman. He took AP Spanish Language and Culture as a Sophomore and is now taking AP Spanish Literature.

SHS is for students who have completed Spanish 4 and have earned an A grade in the three most recent semesters, or a Spanish 5 student with a B grade.

Members are required to serve in SHS activities and 10 service hours within the current school year. Service often  includes being an officer at some point. Members also must agree to take one more year after level four, which can include college level work.

“Next year it would surprise me if he didn’t take course work at the University. He’s so well rounded in so many things he’s got to decide ‘do I want to take this, this or this?’” Chamberlain said. “He could do well at college level Spanish easily.”

Miller puts a lot of time and effort into SHS bringing cultural diversity to the community.   

“It’s really impactful for me and I have an opportunity to meet and work with a lot of really cool people,” Miller said.

SHS is a tool for the community in bringing in more cultural diversity.

SHS has their annual International Night fundraiser coming up in mid-April where they have food from all over the world, performers and other cultural experiences.