Laramie High School Chamber Orchestra played for the state legislature at the Jonah Business Center on Feb. 13.

They played for both the Senate and House sessions which together totaled over 100 people.

This is the Chamber Orchestra’s second time performing for the state legislature. They had a similar performance around the same time last year when they received a request from the legislature.

“Ever since last year we were like ‘oh, they might call us back’ so we were aware of the possibility,” LHS junior violinist Natalia Goroncy said.

The Chamber Orchestra had initially only intended to play one song “Molly on the Shore” by Percy Grainger but after receiving immensely positive responses, the orchestra played an encore of “Cowboy Joe” for both performances.

“The Senate was extremely enthusiastic compared to last year… we didn’t expect that from the Senate because they are usually more subdued than the House,” Goroncy said.

Afterwards, the students expressed an enjoyment for the experience as well.

“I found it quite fun,” Goroncy said. “The point of music is to express yourself, so it was a good experience to express yourself in front of these kinds of people [the members of the Wyoming legislature], and it made them happy so that makes me happy.”

Members of the orchestra expect playing for the state legislature to become an annual performance.

Goroncy credits the opportunity to play for the state legislature to the prestige and reputation of the orchestra.

“The LHS Chamber Orchestra is well known around Wyoming and is considered the best high school orchestra in the state,” Goroncy said.

The orchestra is composed of 24 members and this year almost every single member got into the 2018/19 All-State Orchestra.

Chamber Orchestra also sending nine of its members to All-Northwest orchestra (which is made up of the best high school orchestra instrumentalists from the Northwest division of the United States) this year.

The level and quality of the LHS Chamber is attributed to the talent and dedication of its members as well as the skill of the director Sarah McCoy.

Majority of the members of the Chamber Orchestra having been playing their instruments for more that eight years and taking private lessons the entire time. Having the University of Wyoming in Laramie provides the opportunity for many of the students to take lessons from not only the professors but also from the students at UW.

The effort the students put in has surely paid off, obvious by their amazing reputation around the state and  their attendance to All-State and All-Northwest, as well as the rankings they have received at Festival.

Last year the Chamber Orchestra received one of the highest possible ratings at Festival. This year the students and McCoy intend to achieve the same ranking.

They are playing a variety of songs for Festival, that of which include: “Quartz Mountain Blues” by Karel Butz and “Letzter Fruhling” by Edvard Grieg.