The Sources of Strength club put on a Healthy Activities Fair at Laramie High School during I&E from 2-3 p.m. on Wed. Feb. 13.

The fair’s activities included options such as basketball in the gym, “Mario Kart”, Good Vibes Art, Yoga and board games/comic books.

The basketball activity was supervised by Principal Chuck Kern and an ISS teacher. This option was fairly popular among students as indicated by the 40 people who participated.

“Mario Kart” was hosted in Nicholas DeFrank’s room and supervisor, Byron Lee, had to take about half of the crowd into another room, one of the connection rooms, in order for everyone to have a chance to play the video games.

The Good Vibes Art activity took place in Shelley Miller’s room and was supervised by Miller and Becca Watson. Many students seemed to have liked this activity given how popular it was.

“[There were] about a hundred students in total between the gym, “Mario Kart”, and the art room,” senior/member of Sources of Strength, Isabel Polidora said.

Polidora was one of the members who supervised and helped with the activities.

The other activities included Yoga, which was led by Angie Varca in the Commons (otherwise known as the lunch room) with music provided by Denice Dabarre and a board games/comic book option, which was provided and hosted by William Plum in his room.

The members who were involved with the organization of this event included Carmen Leon (the President of the club), Marygrace Buckner (Vice President), Sidney Holles (Secretary), Keana Burgandine, Kate Dennis, Parker Jackson, Isabel Palidora, and Alessandra Vandiver.

The students who helped supervise were Buckner, Jackson, Leon and Palidora.

The members of the Sources of Strength club organized all of the activities with limited help from the teachers involved.

“[The club’s members] organized the entire thing. They definitely organized it from the beginning to the end and it was completely their brain child and we advisors… got the neat opportunity to sit back and… help when they needed us,” Nichol Bondurant said.

Bondurant is the English teacher who helped create the club.

Many of the members said the purpose of the Healthy Activities Fair was to help destress the student body.

“We’ve been looking at statistics and everything, mostly from the University, and stress levels are really high and depression rates are really high, so we’re like ‘what can we do’? So we all decided to come up with something. How about a healthy activities fair?” Leon said.

Many of the members agree that the event was successful due to how many people showed up as well as participated in the activities.

“It was successful. I think the club would do something like this again,” Polidora said.

For future activities, the club is going to help organize Shepard’s Symposium and the Sources of Strength training in early March.

“The Sources of Strength is a club that tries to help build resiliency school-wide,” Bondurant said.