The 23rd annual Shepard Symposium on Social Justice is making its way back to town at the University of Wyoming.

The event will take place at the University of Wyoming, upstairs in the union ballroom.

The event starts the night of Wednesday, April 10th, but will start to pick-up all-day Thursday and Friday, April 11th and 12th where the event covers any and all justice issues. Issues include racial equality, gender equality, and Intersexuality.

Then on Saturday, they will begin GSA day, this day is focused on teenagers and LGBTQ+ issues. The event is in honor of Mathew Shepard who was beaten and left to die on the outskirts of Laramie, he died the next morning. This was 21 years ago back on the night of October 6th, 1998.

The event includes panels and presentations focusing on race, sexual orientation, gender, disability, and social justice issues.

The First event started back in 1997 when it was known as “The Symposium for the Eradication of Inequality”. Two years later, a man that worked for the railroad had invested his money very well. He then, later on, took that money to create a trust in this event and to name it in honor of Mathew Shepard. The money was donated anonymously.

Nichol Bondurant a High School teacher here in Laramie has attended this event since she was a college student when it was just starting up and was still called “The Symposium for the Eradication of Inequality.

“It gives people a chance to look at diversity and justice issues from a lot of different perspectives, and every time I go, I get energized.” said Bondurant

This event impacts everywhere because “It was created by the College of Education so they reach out to teachers around the nation, not just the state, they bring professors, experts, poets, musicians, and all these people, they also bring filmmakers from all over the country, and they all come here to our town and our university…and they try to make sure the event is open to kids as young as middle schoolers at the lab school to kids at our High School” said Bondurant.

This event has had many impacts on people’s lives, one being Bondurant.

“The first symposiums I went to in my twenty’s while I was becoming a teacher, kind of colored the type of teacher I would want to become, where I could try to introduce the same concepts and ideas about looking at different perspectives into my teaching.” said Bondurant

She continues to go every year and tries to bring as many students with her as she can. “Now when I go, I just get really energized and excited to share it with my students.” said Bondurant.

This event will be one to be remembered, although the important speakers and the theme of the event are still not yet decided or chosen. The University will not disappoint with who is speaking to this broad age group, but everyone will want to put this event on their calendar.