Caleb Callihan a Laramie High School senior took second place this past week in an international game design competition.

Winning second was no easy task, and it came with a prize of $200.

Last semester was Callihan’s first time taking the course with teacher Billy Vanlandingham, but not his first interaction with game design.

“I started game design a couple few years ago at home by making my own adjustments to popular games like Fallout 3,” Callihan said.

Slime Knight is the name of Callihan’s game that took second place. Making the game  took a lot of hours outside of class.

Video game design is a semester course offered at LHS taught by Vanlandingham.

In the course students learn about video game history, coding and how to design video games. The final project in the class is to design your own video game.

“I dont require students to make such high caliber games, but if they want to place in the competition they have to,” Valandingham said.

The basic game you start out making in the course takes about 90 lines of code whereas Callihan’s took closer to two hundred lines of code.

“I would say students have to have a month of 40 hour work weeks, to place in the competition or make a good enough game to compete,” Vanlandingham said.

In her 6 years of teaching the course Vanlandingham has only 4 student place in the competition, so Slime Knight undoubtedly made her proud.

“I definitely think Caleb’s game deserved to place he worked so hard,” Vanlandingham said.

The  game was not really thought out it was just made from the passion of doing what he enjoyed.

“I was messing around in image editor trying to figure out what I wanted to do for my game, I made a green blob, just playing around, and I liked it and from there came Slime Knight,” Callihan said.

Callihan didn’t take, first but LHS is not where he sees his video game design career ending.

“I’m hoping to get into a good program for video game design in college, if not that just a degree in computer science,”Callihan said.

“The students start off learning how to design a game called Flip The Robot Monkey,” Vanlandingham said.

Vanlandingham video game design program is a fun and interesting course that will let you create what you want on a computer.

“I love teaching this course to all kids, whether they want to just have fun or take it serious,” Vanlandingham said.