Laramie High School students in the Child Development class took home real-care babies the weekend of December 1st  and 2nd to simulate what it would be like to have a child. The students were tested on how well they took care of the real-care baby.

Real-care babies are like dolls, but they are designed to mimic real babies. The real-care baby cries every time it needs something like a diaper change, attention, to be fed, or to be burped. Although, the baby mimics a real baby it consists of only a few things that  need to be addressed for the baby to stop crying.

Real care babies are a valuable education tool but they are expensive; they cost close to $1200 each. LHS has a number of them for students that take the Child Development class.

The baby has sensors on the bottom and on the chest. These sensors can tell the teacher if the student took proper care of the baby instead of just leaving it unattended. Teachers can later access the hard drive inside the baby to find out how well a student cared for the baby. The baby also has an extra diaper that has a sensor in it to signal that the diaper has been changed and so the baby stops crying after wards. There is also a bottle that has a sensor, too. When the baby is hungry, the bottle is put up to the baby’s lips and it is fed.

“The baby wasn’t too bad. It was awkward to bring it to my brother’s basketball game because I felt like I was a little kid carrying around a toy doll that is more expensive than the other ones. And the crying in the middle of the night. That drove me crazy. I’ve babysat real baby’s before and they aren’t as annoying as the one we had to take.” senior Sonrisa Gonzales said.

The whole point of the real care baby is to simulate what having a real baby would be like. The babies are also used to help better prepare students for when they have kids. They are designed to show the needs a baby has and that it will keep crying if left unattended.