The boys’ basketball season kicked off with a three-day tournament the weekend of Dec. 8 in Riverton Wyoming.

This tournament was only a pre-season tournament. The tournament was set up as a practice to play all the teams against each other to rank them. Pre-season games and tournaments are a really good way to prepare teams for the new season and give teams time to get in the groove and learn the dynamic of their own teams.

The Laramie High School boys’ basketball team is ranked last right now because of their season last year. This tournament doesn’t affect the rest of the season though, just the ranks of teams across the state.

“I don’t think this tournament will affect us too much, we are a pretty fresh team, so there are still things we need to work on,”  Merek Meyen said.

Each team participating in the tournament played a total of three games.

“I feel like the games went pretty good,” Meyen said.

LHS had the outcome of 1-2. They won against Cody, and then lost their games against Rock Springs and Green River high school.

Each game was a tough fight and were either won lost within 10 points.

“We are a really good defensive team, but we do need to work on our offense. Overall we played pretty solid,” Meyen said.

They won against Cody with a five-point lead. The games the team lost were also close in score. They lost to Rock Springs by only four points, and then to Green River by only ten points.

“We really need to work on our chemistry, and we still have time and the opportunity to see who works best together,” Meyen said.

Last year the boys’ basketball team lost at regionals. The team is hopeful and confident that they’ll be able to make it a win this year.

“We could totally do it,” Meyen said.

Meyen has personal goals of working hard to be a starting Varsity player.

“We are really gritty and tough this season,” Meyen said.

Overall, the team is working hard to go to state, that’s the main goal.

Strengthening the offensive part of the game is a huge part of what needs to be worked on, but the team’s defense is strong and ready for the season.

“After this weekend, we will really found out all that we have to work on,” team member Nick Oliver said.

This preseason tournament helped the team to grow and become a stronger working together. They were able to see all that needs to be worked on and what can be improved.