This weekend Laramie High School’s cheer team went to the arena auditorium to cheer alongside the
University of Wyoming’s cheer team during the Wyoming cowgirl’s basketball game.

This was all planned out by the LHS girls cheer team coaches who wanted to give these girls, who can
sometimes feel underappreciated for all the hard work they put in, a special moment to shine under the
real bright lights of a collage basketball game.

The cowgirls were playing against the Idaho vandals for this game.

This is the first time the LHS cheer team has done anything like this, making this a very memorable moment
for these girls.

Although this is the first time this is being done Laramie High School is definitely trying to keep this
tradition going for the girls.

“This is are first time doing something like this it was all very exciting, but a little overwhelming at the
same time,” junior Ashley Potter said.

This gives them a chanceto experience what it would be like to be a college cheerleader which might interest some of our cheerleaders who could look into taking their cheer skills to a collegiate level.

“We had lots of fun, I’d love to do this in college for like a big school like Alabama it’s my dream.” Potter

The Wyoming cheer team offered up some advice for the girls.

“All the girls in the Wyoming cheer team were super nice and helped us out a lot with our routine.” said Potter.

It’s nice to see a community get together like this to give the LHS cheer team something special like this
and it’s also giving these young girls some mentors they can look up to.

The University of Wyoming cowgirls pulled out the big win over the University of Idaho vandals in a
shootout 64-61.

The LHS cheer team may or may not have been the reason why they got this big win, but who’s to say.

“It was actually a very exciting game we only won by 3 points which is cool considering how the cowgirl’s
team have been in the past.” said Potter

Apparently, all they needed was to send the LHS cheer team to all Wyoming’s home games to give them a
little extra cheer to hopefully win big.