Laramie High School Student’s Art on Display at UW Art Museum
                                                                  By Meadow Flores
Students here at Laramie Senior High School have art pieces from their classes on display
right now at the UW art museum. One of the art teachers here, Shelley Miller, teaches many
classes, including drawing and painting classes.
Many of the high school student’s art pieces are 2D drawings, although there are also
ceramic pieces on display at the art museum too, which are a 3D art form. Students from our art
classes have their art put on display every year, so it is not a particularly new event.

Although, “this is the first year it’s been a juried show for the high school” Miller said.
Judges came to the school and judged the student’s art pieces, and they left with about 35
2D art pieces. The art pieces that were judged were from all of Millers classes, and it is believed
that some student’s art from each class was chosen by the art judges to be put on display.
The ‘Happy Holidays’ show for the student’s art should be on display until Winter break
at the high school begins, which is on the 21st of Dec.
“Some of the work is shown in the main gallery.” said Miller, she also was very excited
that this year there was a juried show for the first time here at the high school. The art that is on
display shows both a piece of the class and a piece of each artist.
There was no assignment for this in Miller’s classes although it does have some
assignment class work in there with individual study work involved too.
The UW art museum had an opening for the work on Thursday, Nov. 29th, and it was also
open for viewing on Saturday. All the students who have their art display have shown great
talent, and great artistic ability, and it must be a great feeling to have their art on display at the
There should be plenty of opportunities to view the student art that is on display, and
many of the students would be glad to share their creations with the community. Sadly, they
cannot be on display forever.
Our university’s art museum if free of charge for all visitors, of all ages, so community
members can freely enjoy our fellow high school student’s art work.
The art museum here at the University of Wyoming is home to many art pieces which can
be donated by the community or the art students at the university have their art on display as
They are open Tuesday- Saturday from 10am to 5pm, with extended hours on Thursday’s
until 7pm and they can be found at 2111 East Willett Drive. Other information about the UW art
museum can be found online, they have a website, as well as social media pages including
Facebook and Instagram.
Community members can also call the number found on their website or email them for
any questions about the high school students art work.