The Laramie Youth Council has begun working on many new projects and events this year, and they are looking forward to being more involved in the Laramie community.

Laramie Youth Council is a group of high school students that work on issues facing the Laramie community and our youth. “With Laramie Youth Council, it’s more like actual issues facing Laramie youth, and I get to be kind of a youth ambassador” senior Ragan Smith said.

This year, junior Ruby Novogrodsky said that she hopes that Youth Council will be “less of an idealistic thing, and more of an action-based group.” Novogrodsky decided to become a part of Youth Council because she wanted to make a difference.

“After the March for Our Lives protest, I really felt like I need to be doing more to participate in local politics, and it seemed like a really good outlet for that” Novogrodsky said.

The Youth Council has meetings every other Thursday, and there are committee meetings every other Wednesday. Committee meetings are for the sub committees for the different projects that the Youth Council is involved in. Novogrodsky is the head of the committee for the projects in conjunction with the Laramie City Council.

The Youth Council meetings are run by the executive board, which is essentially the officers of the Youth Council. This year, the president is senior Caitlin Huang, the president pro tempore is junior George Yost, the treasurer is junior Sam Miller, and the parliamentary is junior Aru Nair. The names for the officers are different that most clubs, because Youth Council tries to follow parliamentary procedure.

The Youth Council will be holding a pitch day, where local businesses will come and pitch their ideas and projects, and the Youth Council will decide what projects that they want to take on.

They previously held and event with the Laramie City Council, where the two councils were able to discuss their priorities and ideas.

“We did an eat-and-greet with the Laramie City Council, where we all got together with them and had a potluck, and talked about the issues that are important to us, and the issues that are important to them, and their experience in local government” Novogrodsky said.

The sponsor of Laramie Youth Council is Sarah Reece from the city manager’s office, and Hayley Fried is an intern that helps with some of the organization.