It is important for kids to be voting in any election including the one that took place this Tuesday.  

The midterm election took place on Tuesday November 6th where people voted on multiple job positions.

In the midterms people go to vote for their favorite candidates for certain jobs. The first position is for governor. There were 4 candidates, but Mark Gordon was able to win and will be Wyoming’s next governor.

Next people voted on the seat in the senate and John Barrasso was able to be re-elected and will keep the seat. There was also a seat in the house of representatives which Liz Cheney was elected to.

Edwar Buchanan was voted to be secretary of state.  Kristi Racines was voted to be the next auditor.

Curt Meier was voted in to be the treasurer. Jillan Ballow was voted to be superintendent of public instruction

Finally, they voted Heber Richardson, Pete Gosar, and Tim Chesnut in the positions of county commissioners.

There were 2 referendums on the ballot this year. One was a tourist tax which is a 1% tax on hotels and restaurants. The other is the 5th cent tax which is just a 4% sales tax.

When people go to vote they have to go to a specific polling place in their district that is usually in a school or place like that. If people don’t know where they should go the could have gone to the Albany county clerks Websight where there is a map of polling locations for the different districts.

If you couldn’t vote on election day you had 2 options here in Wyoming. One of them is early voting by going to the court house and vote there. The other option was to get a mail in ballot where you fill it out at home and then mail it to the court house.

It is important to vote so that you can support the change that you want to see happen.

“They don’t want older people making decisions for them. They are adults and they should say what they want their government to be doing and they have the right to say that they want to see happen. Unless they speak up then they won’t be heard, and voting is a way to say here is what I want to happen.” AP government and politics teach Meaghan Todd said.