Laramie High School has started a gardening club.

Gardening club grows fruits, vegetables, and herbs for the culinary classes.

Grace Dorrell introduced the idea for the new club to Mr.Lee. Dorrell initially wanted to begin
with a compost bucket after seeing how much food was thrown away at LHS.

Unfortunately due to a late start, the compost bucket plan did not go through.

Mr.Lee told Dorrell to come in so they could discuss a new strategy. They decided on creating a
garden instead.

“We could build a program around a garden,” said Dorrell.

Right now, Dorrell is the only member of gardening club. To attain new members, there will be a
meeting soon about the club. Information will be featured in upcoming Wednesday Wisdom

“I think more people will want to join once they see that there is an actual project to work on and
that there is always something fun to do,” said Dorrell.

The gardening club’s first project will be creating a geodome. The geodome will be round with
windows made of double polycarbonate to ensure stability. This material will be more efficient
under Wyoming conditions and won’t be damaged.

The geodome will be located by the teachers parking lot behind the cafeteria. Outlines are laid
out in a fenced off area.

Gardening Club will serve to benefit everyone.

“I don’t have a huge love for gardening, but I feel like our school is very sport oriented. I think
this will be a good way for people to get out and meet some new people in our school and
students can produce our own food for the culinary program,” said Dorrell.

The entire school can learn from the geodome. A science class could go learn about the way
plants grow. A foreign language class could go and learn about gardening in that language. The
art class could make tiles to put on the floor of the geodome or sketch different plant life.

Gardening club is also an application booster. It’s good for new students or anyone who wants to
reach out and meet some new people. The gardening club can also teach students about subjects
beyond plants. Many different areas of business and science are also important gardening.

In the future, Dorrell hopes to interact with other schools and reach out into the community. She
hopes the community will get involved in construction of the geodome.

The geodome building will be a huge project. Community members can help to build the
geodome as well as helping students decide what to grow in certain seasons. People with
gardening knowledge and experience can help students learn about the correct way to grow
different plants.