Wednesday Oct. 31, the students at Laramie High School had the opportunity to wear their Halloween costumes to school.

Only a minority of students wore their costumes to school under the rule that face masks and face paint were not allowed.  

This rule came to order after a couple years ago a threat hit the high school involving clowns, making masks and face paint not allowed anymore.

Letting students wear their costumes gives them a sense that the school trusts them to follow the rules and wear appropriate costumes. Whether students should be able to wear their costumes is a huge debate around schools.

Students have been wearing costumes to school since elementary school. In elementary schools, the students wear their costumes to school and walk around each classroom to view everyone else’s costumes. In some elementary schools they can wear masks, and that is where the debate starts. If children can handle face masks and paint, why can’t high school students.

As students get older, the likelihood of choosing to wear a costume to school is slim. As more rules come to the surface about what you can and can’t wear to school costumes wise, it becomes less likely for students to dress up participate in the opportunity given to them.

Halloween is a holiday of spirit and trying out new costumes each year is more than half the fun. Allowing students to wear costumes lets them be a part of that spirit.

Most of the time Halloween falls on a school day which makes it less of a fun holiday for students. Allowing costumes at school lets them be a piece of the spirit.

Since 1969, students have been participating in dressing up in school. School dress up has been around for a long time and continue it for future generations to come. School dress up is a way for the students to really gain school spirit and have fun with fellow classmates. “I would love to be able to send my daughter to school one day in her favorite costume of the year and her enjoy it.” said Afton Suppes.

Most of the time parents would love to see their kids get all dressed up in their costumes and go show it off at school, then go out and enjoy trick or treating later. “I just love to see that big smile on their face.” said Suppes.

Making students feel trusted, wearing costumes to school should be a fun and exciting thing to do. The rules in place keeps the students safe and everyone else involved safe. For many more generations the rules and costumes will change. They change to fit the standards of daily life and the forever changing dressing up styles.

Students wearing costumes to school is a thing of fun and a good time at school for those who participate in the dressing up.