Parent Teacher Conferences took place at Laramie high school this week from Wednesday Oct. 24th through Thursday Oct. 25th.

This year, the conferences began after school on Wednesday and continued through 7 p.m. on Thursday.  This way teachers got Friday off of that week, while students got both Thursday and Friday off.

All parents got an email with a link attached to all of the faculty members at LHS that are available to meet with.  You select all the teachers you wish to meet with and there is a time schedule for each teacher. Parents are then able to select a time that best fits their schedule.  

Julie Murdock, mom of senior Jacqueline Murdock, loves how easily she can schedule parent teacher conferences to fit her agenda.  

“The way parent teacher conferences is set up is a quick easy way to pick which classes I am going to visit.  Being able to sign up for them online makes it much more efficient. I have a variety of times to pick from in order to fit my schedule,”  Julie Murdock said.

Each conference is 10 minutes long and allows face-to-face interaction between the parents and the teachers. Students are encouraged to go along with their parents to each class while they can listen and engage in the meetings.  

In the meetings, teachers are able to discuss the students academic progress and their social behavior. Parents also may ask any questions regarding their child or any inquiries they have about what the class entails.  

Paul Street has taught various math classes at LHS for 35 years. He values the one-on-one time he gets to spend talking about each of his students with their parents.  

“Meeting the parents helps to make the parent, student, and the teacher all on the same page. I appreciate hearing concerns and insights, as well as a chance to explain what I am trying to teach and why. It is an exhausting couple of days, but it does have value,” Street said.  

Last year the conferences had a pretty good turn out. Although, head Principal Chuck Kern and his staff are looking to increase the number of parents who attend.  

“In the past we have had about 40% of parents attend. This is pretty high number, but we are still looking to double it. We have sent out reminders to parents to come and hopefully that will help increase our numbers,” Kern said.  

Last year was the first year LHS added in a spring parent teacher conference. Many of the students at LHS have are participating in new activities and are in new classes second semester. Adding in a spring conference allowed for more communication between the parents and teachers.  

“I think having parent teacher conferences for two semesters is good. A lot of classes start over at semester and students get new electives. You can never communicate too much,” Kern said.  

Spring parent teacher conferences will be held Tuesday, April 2nd from 3:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.