Space Club is teaching students about all things space.

While relatively new the club is making progress learning about space.

The group is currently experimenting with match head rockets. Match heads are put in aluminum foil that is kept open at one end to create a rocket. Making these will help them to learn the process of how rockets work.

The rockets are fairly simple but are a good start for students.

The club’s creator is Christian Munsen. What made Christian want to make the club has to do with lack of scientific belief.

The sponsor for the club is Mr. Fechtmeister, the school’s physics teacher.

“The whole goal of it [the club] is to deal with anything and everything space, from radio telescopes to particle physics.” Christian Munsen said.

He sees a society that is currently rejecting science, which seems disastrous to Christian.

All of the companies that deal with space are rapidly developing new technologies every day.

He says that space and the cosmos make up everything. Also, space could be necessary for the future of the planet.

Even the things that are on Earth are really just a small part of space. This makes it more and more important to educate people on space according to Christian.

Whether it be by putting ourselves elsewhere, or bringing technologies that we find through space it could help the people of Earth.

“When they sent crafts to Venus, the Russians, they saw the greenhouse effect there was outrageous. It’s hot enough there to melt lead and tin, and if Venus is that way, Earth could be that way if we don’t watch what we’re doing,” Christian said.

He thinks that since Mars was stripped of its water due to its atmosphere, it could happen to Earth too.

The Earth is at a point where we need to watch what we’re doing.

The club’s sponsor, Mr.Fechtmeister helps them learn about the math behind space.

The group has not gone super deep into this yet but will in the future as the year continues.


The club will be bringing students from the college to help teach them also.

They will teach the students as a group attempting to get them all learning at the same level.

“I want it so everyone is on the same playing field nobody has a higher knowledge than anybody, because everybody knows a little bit about something,” Christian said.

The club currently has around 10 members. There have been a few people coming and going.

The dream of the club is to build a decent sized rocket and launch it into Earth’s orbit, and using a gravity assist to get it to the moon.

The club is mostly spread through word of mouth, talking about what the club is all about helps bring in new members the club.