Laramie High School is changing the way driver’s education is taught.

Drivers education is a class offered during a two-week period in the summer. In the past, students were able to take this class during the school year. Bob Knapton and John Deti taught the class when it was offered during the school year. This happened for about 10 years.

There was too much time during a semester for the class, so the class switched to a two-week period in the summer.
Students participate in the class either during a morning session or an afternoon session.

Students will come in and begin work in a textbook.

“The rules of the road are taught in the classroom, and it’s basically different things about all areas of driving,”  Kulz said.

Students drive every day.

“Certain requirements that the state requires while driving, parking, highway, freeway, and so on is what students practice,” said Kluz.

Students can cruise through the driving parts of the class.

“If the student knows how to do something, they will get checked off and not have to repeat to over and over,” said Kulz.

In addition to Mr. Kluz being one of the teachers in the car, Mr. Boucher and Mr. Knapton will also now be teaching as well. More students will be able to participate with more instructors.

By adding additional driving instructors, classes will be able to have more students.

As the days progress, students driving range expands from simple left and right turns around a neighborhood, to driving on the freeway about 30 miles.

Sign up has changed this year. Parents need to call Pam Fisher. Mrs. Fisher will then write down all the names of students who are interested in taking the class.

This list then goes to Den’ja Pommarane who will then call parents individually to ask which two-week session works best with their schedules.

Students must have 15 hours of driving time and instructors consent before being able to take the class.

There are many benefits that come from taking drivers education. Students who take the two-week course will receive a semester of high school credit as an elective. Insurance rates also go down.

If a student receives and A or a B in the class, they will get a certificate. This allows to get their
license without taking the driving or written test.