Laramie High School (LHS) heads to Sheridan Wy on Friday, October 12 for one of the last two football games left.

The game against Sheridan is LHS’s second to last game of this season.

The game started at 7pm at the Sheridan High School, their team known as the “Sheridan Broncs”.

Looking at Sheridan’s stats, their football team has had a decent season, with six total wins and two losses.

Laramie’s stats aren’t as good as Sheridan’s for this year, with four wins and four losses, they have one more game to make that 5 wins.

In the first quarter Sheridan gained the lead with one touchdown and the extra point.

At half time, the Plainsmen were able to get three points and keep Sheridan from getting anymore touchdowns.

The third quarter, Sheridan scored three more touchdowns and the three extra points. The Plainsmen did not get anything leaving them at three points and putting Sheridan at twenty-one before the fourth quarter.

In the fourth quarter, the Plainsmen struggled to keep Sheridan from getting a touchdown, while the Plainsmen struggled to get a touchdown.

“After half, our team kinda lost focus and we didn’t play at the top of our game” sophomore Colter Nunn said.

At the end of the game, Sheridan won with forty-two and Plainsmen with three.

Plainsmen football this season has lost every away game but has one every home game, making them four & four after this game, but only have a loosing streak of one game.

The Plainsmen’s next game will be this Friday, October 19th in Gillette Wyoming against the Thunder Basin Boltz. Game will start at 7pm.