The Laramie High School choir council has begun a new year of planning different events and working to create a bond between members of the choir community.

The choir council is focused on creating a positive atmosphere within and between the different choirs in Laramie High School.

“Choir council is an organization that is dedicated to fostering a love for the choir community and bringing all of the choirs together” Ragan Smith said. Smith is a choir student from the Plainsmen Singers at Laramie High School.

Two people from each of the five different choirs at Laramie High School (Plainsmen Singers, Lady Plainsmen Singers, Jazz Choir, Mixed Choir and Freshmen Choir), are chosen to be a part of the choir council organization.

Students who wanted to be in the choir council were required to fill out an application including details about what they think a leader is, and why they would be a good leader and member of the choir council. If more than two people in each choir applied, a vote was held in that choir class.

The group meets about once or twice a month on Mondays in the choir classroom. Because they don’t meet very often, it is important for them to work hard at their meetings.

“We definitely make sure to be really productive during those meetings” Smith said.

Choir council is a club that is enjoyable for students, but also presents them with responsibilities in the choir community outside of their regular choir classes.

The choir council has only had one meeting so far this semester. At this meeting, they held elections for the officers for the club. The president of the choir council is senior Mikayla Froehlich, and the vice president is senior Smith. Now that they have elected their officers, these meetings will be lead by the student representatives.

Currently, the choir counsel is planning for the upcoming holiday concert. They will also be hosting a holiday party. They will be organizing activities for the party such as ugly sweater competitions, scavenger hunts, and karaoke. The holiday party was a big success last year, and the council is hoping that the same will go for this year.

The students in choir council will also be helping choir teacher Donna Solverud decorate and organize for the annual holiday party and concert. Smith is excited for this part of choir council, as she enjoys decorating a lot.

In this holiday concert they will be singing a variety of holiday songs. All members of the community are welcome to this concert, not just Laramie High School members and staff.

The choir holiday concert will be held on Dec. 18 in the Laramie High School theater, and the holiday party will take place before that and will be in the commons area.

“I love being in choir council, because we have a great group of motivated, driven people who are determined to make this year a great year for our choir community,” Smith said.