Laramie high school has recently had a scholarship giveaway that went on during intervention and enrichment time.

The organization that put on the job fair was the Wyoming Admission officers (WAO). They go all over the state to do these giveaways.

Laramie just so happens to be the least attended giveaway out of all of them throughout the state.

The goal of these giveaways is to give money to students that want to go to college. The main point is to get the students to think about all the aspects of college.

The way that you become eligible to get the money is to first register online then when the event is going on you get your barcode scanned.

Even after you do all this it is not a guarantee that you will receive the money, the persons is chosen by random select.

WAO is a nonprofit educational and professional association dedicated to promoting the advancement of higher education throughout the state of Wyoming.

WAO is committed to the coordination of activities related to academic and career decision making by providing support to Wyoming residents regarding the opportunities, benefits, process and procedures associated with higher education.

WAO also has a website that can provide all sorts of helpful information such as helping a student select a certain college. It also gives a list of colleges that are in Wyoming. It also includes how to plan financially for these colleges and a career guide.

The website also gives a brief breakdown of all these colleges and their locations. Some of these colleges include Casper College, Central Wyoming College, Laramie County Community College, etc.

WAO also has a way to register for the event and it is coming to Laramie as well as all of the scholarships that they can offer.