Plainsmen Singers Perform with UW Choir

By: Emily Brinegar

On Thurs., Oct. 4th, a symposium for Matthew Shepard took place at the UW Performing Arts Concert Hall, where several different choir groups in Laramie joined together to sing.

Matthew Shepard was murdered by two men. “They pistol whipped him with a gun then tied him to a fence in freezing conditions and set fire to him before leaving him to die,” according to

 After many collaborations with UW Professors, the Plainsmen Singers finally got to perform with the University’s Collegiate Chorale.

The Collegiate Chorale is a group containing 40 of the most talented singers on the University of Wyoming campus. This is by audition only.

These musicians sing pieces from the 15th century to modern day music. “On the international stage, the Chorale has performed in the finest concert halls and cathedrals of England, Wales, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Mexico and Brazil,” according to

The Director of this group is Dr. Nicole Lamartine, known as Dr.La to the Plainsmen Singers. She organized this whole night including the groups that would be performing along with the songs and speeches that would be taking place.

Dr.Lamartine also chose where these groups would be placed on stage. “They were placed behind us on stage and it really helped with finding our actual musical abilities,” Plainsmen Singer Brie Squires said.

“We try to collaborate with the university as much as possible, but now that we get to perform with them, we are super excited,” choir director Donna Solverud said.


“Being in Plainsmen, we concentrate on vowels and tone. They are such a wholesome sounding choir, being placed in front of them really makes you push yourself to be a better singer,” Squires said.

The Collegiate Chorale, LHS Plainsmen Singers and the Laramie Middle School choir sang “No Time”, a spiritual camp meeting song, along with the song “New Skies”.

 These groups were joined with the Angel Activists who spoke momentarily.

The Angel Activists are a group of people that spread kindness rather than hate. After Shepard’s death, a group of Baptist picketers came to the funeral saying awful things. The angel activists showed up wearing wings and acting as angels with their silent kindness.

 “The angel activist speakers delivered a beautiful message of acceptance and kindness toward all humans,” Solverud said. Nicole Bondurant was one of the angel activists who spoke at this performance, along with a few students from LHS who read poems.

“The concert was a great success. It was so nice seeing singers from the middle school, high school, and college collaborating…It was very well attended by members of the community,” Solverud said.

“I feel like all of us pushed ourselves to meet their skill level. Working with this group really paid off,” Squires said.

If you didn’t get a chance to attend this performance, the Lady Plainsmen Voices will be joining with the UW choir periodically throughout the spring for festivals taking place at the university.