This week National Honors Society is selecting their 2018-2019 candidates.


The National Honors Society is a club that serves to recognize students who have demonstrated excellence in areas of scholarship, service, leadership, and character.  Solverud and Wilkison serve as advisors.


In order to get into the club, a student must fill out an application and then a committee analyzes the applicants and selects who best represents the mission of the club.  


By the end of this week, they hope to have all of their 2018-2019 candidates selected.  


They also have to fill the positions of secretary, treasurer, vice president and president.  Those spots are still to be determined.


The secretary records what goes on during the meetings and the decisions that are made.  The treasurer keeps track of the money. The vice president assists the president with the decisions needing to be made.  


NHS has had one meeting so far this month. They meet the first Monday of every month during lunches in the yellow pod stadium stairs.  

After the candidates have been selected the meetings consist of talking about events throughout the month that give opportunity to get volunteer hours.  

Senior Noah Dreiling will also continue his third year as a National Honors society member.  He has found the volunteer experiences given by NHS useful for his future endeavors.


“Since I have been in NHS for three years, I have been able to get volunteer hours on my resume.  This will really help me be able to get into the colleges I apply. It feels good to be helping out the community in various ways,” Dreiling said.  


Seniors need six hours of volunteer work for the club and other grades can participate as much they want, but there are no requirements.  


Senior Allison Dodd will be participating in her third year of National Honors Society.  She has taken advantage of the many opportunities the club has provided. 


“The club will help colleges see involvement in extracurricular activities at the school.  It is a good resume builder and provides students with the opportunity to gain leadership experience,” Dodds said.  


The National Honors Society has chapters in many schools around the nation.  The club has numerous scholarship opportunities. There are 600 total scholarship recipients; the breakdown is: 575 national semifinalists – $3,200; 24 national finalists – $5,625; 1 national winner – $25,000 scholarship.  


The scholarships that the club provides are only one of the many perks the club has to offer.  It is a great way for students to get involved with their community and work with students who have similar motives as them.  


“The club is enjoyable and a resume builder.  It is a super relaxed club. It allows you to get involved in something without getting super stressed out.  I like that it is selective so the students in the club are all dedicated and want to be there,” Dodds said


NHS’s next meeting will be Monday, Nov. 5.