Creative Writing Club

By William Daley-Green

 Members in the Creative Writing Club at Laramie high school start the new year.

The Creative Writing club was started during the latter part of spring of the 2017-2018 school year. Therefore, the creative writing club is relatively new. The club carried over to this school year. Currently the students and members are working on editing and revising previous written works along with creating new works. The members can create whatever they please. They create a wide variety of things. The members start off their meetings with a writing prompt to get going and their creativity jump started.

Chris Sherwood, an English teacher at Laramie high school was approached by students Anne Stone and Teangan Riedel. They had thought out and planed an idea for a club. The two students wanted to create a club for creative writing. They approached Sherwood to be the teacher supervisor of the club and they wanted to use his classroom as a venue for the creative writing club to meet.

“Generally, we will start off with a writing prompt get everyone’s brain fired off and creative juices flowing and the kids in there are really good and at the beginning of the year they established what they want to do and the activities they want to do and so they follow their own timeline and guideline,” said Sherwood.

The good things about clubs at school is that students have the possibility to run their own program and decide what they want to do. The creative writing club allows students to both be creative and do their own thing. Creative writing allows a degree for freedom of expression in the writing that students are doing. The projects and writings are more personal than other expressions might be. The students in the creative writing club run their own program and are generally free to do what they want. Writing is especially good because it can be used to reduce stress and help relax you.

Often in school students are so busy with required courses that they lack the chance to explore creatively and to be free to write what they want. “Something that’s lost in our education system is the opportunity to create whether it’s through writing or through a vocational skill, whatever the case may be, but I think it kind of forces kids to step out of the box and not worry about grades or accuracy but trying to produce something that they have pride in and that they feel is good.” said Sherwood.

The Creative Writing club meets every Wednesday during the time when students are allowed to catch up on work, study, meet for clubs. The students are allowed about an hour and a half to meet. This time is known as intervention and Enrichment or I and E. This is a good time to meet as it is in the middle of the week and gives time for the members to work and write.