Orchestra students will perform in their fall concert on October 16 at 7:00 in the Laramie High School auditorium.

Chamber orchestra, the most advanced class, will play three pieces alone and one with students from the other classes.

“Molly on the Shore”, “Romanian Dances” and “Intermezzo” will be performed only by chamber orchestra, and “Toss the Feathers” will be played by all three orchestras; chamber, concert, and freshman. “Molly on the Shore” and “Toss the Feathers” are both traditional Irish pieces.

While they are a similar genre, “Molly on the Shore” is more symphonic than “Toss the Feathers,” a piece that might be easier to dance to.

Something symphonic is “suggestive of a symphony especially in form, interweaving of themes, or harmonious arrangement,” according to Merriam-Webster.

“I feel like when you think of Irish music you think of jigs and stuff that are done by just a fiddle, a guitar and a drum or something, but it feels more like a whole orchestra,” said Derk Lyford, a cellist in chamber orchestra.

“Intermezzo” is a slower piece that evokes more emotion. An intermezzo is traditionally a piece played in between the acts of a play or another set of pieces, according to Wikipedia. For example, the renaissance Intermezzo was performed in between the acts of a play.

“Romanian Dances,” which is a piece by Hungarian composer Béla Bartók, was composed in the twentieth century. The twentieth century is one of many periods that historians and musicians use to classify the composition of music. Periods are defined by the type of music played during their time.

While the pieces are hard to compare, the chamber orchestra’s best piece is “Molly on the Shore”.

Chamber orchestra is small compared to the other levels of orchestra. There is a total of 21 students in chamber. This includes four cellists, three bassists, four violists, five second violins and five first violins.

The current orchestra teacher is Susan McCoy.

“There was one year when Susan Piel was teaching and … we had a really good orchestra then,” Lyford said. “And then there was a really good orchestra when Chris Leonard and Emily Gamboa  … played” 

The chamber orchestra is playing at a very high level this year too, according to Lyford.

“This year overall I think the orchestra is a lot better. We have a really solid violin section and I think most of us have played our instruments for at least eight years, so we’re all pretty good,” Lyford said.

The fall concert is one of 5 concerts that the orchestra students typically participate in. The others include a winter and spring concert, a festival performance, and a final concert. All the other concerts will be at LHS, besides the festival concert, which is played in Cheyenne.

While the concerts sometimes have themes, the fall concert doesn’t have one. During the winter concert the orchestras play holiday music, and at the festival they play classical.