Laramie High School hosted the first of four career days during I&E on Oct. 10.

Students had the opportunity to meet with different employers from various industries throughout Wyoming. This career day was focused on the vocational and trades industries.

The Plainsmen Pathway is a way to facilitate a conversation among local businesses and high school students.  Students were able to attend this event and explore industries to open doors they may have not considered as an option.  

A goal of career day is to have employers talk to students about the level of education that they need.

“Businesses exist here in Laramie that you could make a reasonable wage from.  The cool thing about this event is some businesses require a four year degree and others only require a two year degree.  Some jobs you can even start right after high school.” LHS counselor Brian Lee said.

There were 11 different businesses that attended this event. Two of the most popular businesses featured were the Foreign Service Specialists and Trihydro.

The Foreign Service Specialists attended this event to explain the role of the U.S. Department of State.  They protect the interests of U.S. citizens who are abroad.

Foreign Service officer, Jennifer Walsh is a Wyoming Native who wants to bring the ideas of her business to other Wyoming residents, so they can bring it out into the world.  

“I am here with information on internship programs that are available to high school and college students.  Also on information about critical languages that we will help people study because it is in the national security interest of the United States, and the different types of work that you can do as a member of the U.S. Department of State,” Walsh said.  

One of their goals is to change the lives of an everyday American.  They want to encourage Wyoming residents to be represented in not just the State Government, but also Federal Government.

Trihydro is a local business in Laramie that also attended the Plainsmen Pathways event.

“We like that we are a homegrown company.  We originated here in Laramie and now we are national.  We think that there is a need to bring in the community and to show students who we are, what we do, and all the opportunities there are,” Trihydro employee Jessica Marcom said.

Mike Ogden is in the air quality division at Trihydro.  He brought a toxic vapor analyzer to show students how they keep the environment clean by monitoring components.

“We really like to show that there are opportunities in town and that you don’t necessarily have to leave the state to find good work,” Ogden said.

LHS senior Hailey Hysong attended the event.

“I have an interest in automotive mechanics, and that’s more of a trade school thing as opposed to a four year liberal arts college. So I thought I would come see what they had to offer,” said Hysong.

The Plainsmen Pathway brings information about a variety of careers and opportunities. Students are able to explore things they may not of know existed.  

There will be three more career days taking place at LHS later this year.  Healthcare will be highlighted on Dec. 12, Business/Tech/Education will be focused on Feb. 20, and Art/Public Service Volunteer/Other will be explored on April 2.