Theatre guild is a club run by the drama and theater teacher of Laramie High School, Mike Hancey. The class gives students the opportunity to look into and practice theater together in their after school time.

Theater Guild gives students the chance to enter the drama department without having to take a year long, or semester long class. This presents students with less of a time commitment compared to other theater classes offered at Laramie High School, but still allows them to explore different subjects relating to theater.

Although this club still faces students with an afterschool time commitment, it allows students to have the choice on how they would like to manage their time and gives them the responsibility of showing up and doing their part outside of their required classes.

“It’s very extensive but is a lot of fun,” says Rachael Hogan, a Laramie High School student and three-year theater guild member.

Theater guild is a club open to all students who are interested and willing to make the time commitment.

“Theater guild consists of a good group of kids who really want to be there for the most part rather than kids who take it for an easy A, which unfortunately happens in a lot of theater classes here at the high school,” Hogan said.

In this club students get to explore many different things relating to theater. They work on pieces for all state drama, plays (although the plays are shorter), songs and monologues from all different cultures and time periods.

Theater guild is now working with the Laramie High School Drama 2 students on a piece for all state drama called The Laramie Project. This play is about Matthew Shepard and “how Laramie dealt with his death and the aftermath as well as what the town itself went through,” said Hogan.

It is “not a traditional play in the way that there are scenes and acting,” says Hogan. It is “a collection of interviews” with “a lot of monologues, and moments, rather than scenes.”

Doing this play is one way to navigate and understand the past of the town the students of the club are now living in. Students are also able to better understand the cultural shift that Laramie experienced after the incident regarding Shepard.

Many of the members of the club have grown up in Laramie and live less than three miles from where Shepard was found, according to London Homer-Wambean.

The Laramie Project performance will be somewhere between November 30th and December 2nd at all state drama in Rock Springs, Wyo. A preview of this play will possibly occur depending on the interest that is displayed displayed throughout the Laramie community, according to Hogan.

The theater guild club has been going on for at least eight years, but Hancey has been teaching the students within the club and running it mainly himself for five years now.