The Laramie High School football team won against South last week and is preparing to play Sheridan this Friday.

Laramie has a 4-3 record after beating South High School 35-7 last week. Laramie had won against South last year and was hoping to again this year.

The win was a good one for the Plainsmen. It was only the second time Laramie had scored over 21 points this season. The Plainsmen won by a much greater margin than most people predicted. South is now 1-6 on the season.

This was a good game for the Plainsmen to bounce back from their 14-31 loss at previous #2 ranked East High School. East came into the game with a 4-1 record and Laramie came in with 3-2 record, but the Plainsmen couldn’t find a way win at East.

Laramie has won every home game this season, this is the first time the team has managed to do that since the year 2000, but has Struggled to win once on the road leading to their 4-3 record.

They have scored 127 points and held their opponents to only 40 points in there 4 home games. They have been much weaker on the road. When they have been away, they have only scored 42 points and allowed 95 points.

Sheridan High School has won the last 3 Wyoming 4A state championships and now sits at 5-2 on the season and Laramie has not played well on the road. They are a high scoring team that could easily put a lot of points on the Plainsmen if they can’t stop Sheridan from scoring or keep up with them.

Laramie must have their best performance on the road this season to win the game. Sheridan has had success at home this season but two key losses to Natrona and Thunder Basin put them at 5-2.

If Laramie wins, they have a chance to catch up to the top teams in the state and they could get ahead of Sheridan.

This is a very big game for the Plainsmen. If they win, they will move up to 5-3 and if they lose, they will have as many wins as losses at 4-4.

A win in Sheridan could give the Plainsmen some momentum and that could help them in their game at Thunder Basin next week. Thunder Basin currently sits at number one in the 4A with a 6-1 record and looks very tough.

A win against Sheridan could move Laramie from number five to number four in the 4A. If the plainsmen win this game they could possibly clinch a 4 seed in the playoffs and host a playoff game. 

Now is a must win time for the Plainsmen to keep a winning record on the season and if they can’t find a way to win at least one of these last two games they will sit at 4-5 to end the season. Laramie’s early losses might haunt them if they can’t win at Sheridan or Thunder Basin.