Ecology is a branch of biology that studies organisms, how they relate to one another and the physical surroundings, it also looks to improve the environment, like helping pollution. 

Laramie High Schools’ ecology class gets to study the organisms up close from their field trips. They go on many trips to learn new things and see what they are studying. The class recently went on a field trip to Happy Jack and found some interesting things.

“There was this really rare bug that we caught,” said Juliana Andrews. On their field trip Juliana and her friends were looking for different bugs when they came across a very interesting one they have never seen before.

“It was like a big grassshoper that was hefty, it was huge, it was terrifying,” Andrews said.

Andrews is looking forward to the field trips they will have in the future. They are fun, and the class learns a lot.

The class is going on another field trip next week. They are going to the Laramie River, and electro-shocking fish. The electro-shocking does not harm the fish in any way and they are used to study but will be put back safely. They are fishing and looking at the conditions of the river banks.

Right now the class is learning about the biology of a fish.

“They have a line going through them, and you can see it on any fish and it is a little spine that have holes and like ventilates so they don’t hit glass or anything, and I just thought that was super sick,” said Andrews

Ecology is one of the top elective science classes that is offered at LHS. It is a semester long and is taught by Brian Spicer.