University Journalism Program Thrives in 2018

By Krisanna Andrews

The students and staff in the University of Wyoming’s Journalism and Communications Department are gearing up for a new year with some exciting additions to their program.

“The journalism degree is designed to prepare students for careers as reporters, writers, editors, designers, content managers, advertisers, social media managers, public information officers, and public relations professionals in media organizations such as newspapers, magazines, PR and advertising agencies,” Cindy Schultz, head of the department, said.

The university’s program is dedicated to giving their students an education in the field of journalism and communication that is current, relevant, practical, and personal. They want to achieve these goals so that students can leave the University of Wyoming and move on to a graduate program anywhere in the nation with high success rates.

This year is especially exciting for the program as they had 9 guests from across the world. 9 students traveled almost 10,000 miles from Kazakhstan to Laramie. The students were from al-Farabi National Kazakh University’s journalism master’s degree program and they visited the University of Wyoming in June to learn more about international journalism.

According to professor Mike Brown, the relationship was very productive for both universities involved. “I’ve really enjoyed the students… We are planning to continue the relationship,” he said.

This exchange program would not have been possible without the support of faculty and staff. The current Department Chair of Communications and Journalism is Cindy Price Schultz. There are 12 others on faculty in the department.

The University of Wyoming also has a graduate program for journalism and communications students. This year, there are ten students involved in the graduate program.

A large part of the graduate student’s coursework is their theses. The students labor for months over their research before graduation is possible and they investigate a wide range of topics. These include studies over things like (but not limited to) the self-esteem of African-American college students and parental communication patterns among Chinese mothers.

Another unique opportunity that the university provides for its journalism students is the Communication and Journalism Honor Society. It is called Lambda Pi Eta and The University of Wyoming’s chapter is Omicron Pi.

To be eligible for this esteemed group, the person must be a declared journalism and communications major. A student must have a grade point average of 3.25 in the journalism and communications department. They also need to have completed 12 semester credit hours in the program and 60 in other areas. Lastly, the student must exhibit high standards of personal and professional character and support the purposes of the honor society.

The university is proud of this society because it is an excellent opportunity for students to network with others in the field, and it is an outstanding addition to any job or graduate school application.

With all of these exciting opportunities in 2018, students in the University of Wyoming’s Journalism and Communications department are looking ahead to a very bright future.